Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas, God Bless Us Everyone...

Christmas at Goat Creek was fairly quiet this year. Mainly because we knew it would be our last, but despite the hardships we have been facing, I was determined to make it a good celebration as it was our first real celebration with Jaygen. Last Christmas was filled with passing him around, this Christmas, it was spent watching him run! *laughing* He is definately the light of our lives.

The evening started off with a great meal. Wendell prepared some marinated pork tenderloin and I fixed the garlic mashed potatoes, corn and green bean casserole. Everything turned out great. Of course there was all the cookies and candies I'd been making all week, for dessert. This year was the first year I made peanut brittle and hard candy.

After supper it was time to open presents. Jaygen was really into it. Of course he needed a little help getting started but once the first tear in the paper was made, he was digging into the present. We had a ball just watching him. Of course when it was all over, he was dragging along his daddy's boots like you would the little pull-a-long puppy from Fisher Price. I probably could of got the child a pair of shoes to play with and he would of been happy. The only thing tha would of made the night even better, would of been having my Dad there to celebrate with us, but he was at home with bronchitis. We missed you here Dad.

Christmas is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and a day to spend with those we hold so dear. This Christmas was extra special for me, as I am truly learning how blessed I am. Merry Christmas everyone!

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